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Juicing for Immunity

Immunity -- every fall as children return to school and we return from vacations and go back to the office, new forms of the common cold and flu viruses (and many, many more viruses) begin to accelerate through our neighborhoods and across the USA. As our family and...

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Juicing for Inflammation Control, Part II

The verdict is in: juicing fights inflammation at its source! Dan McDonald is a leading advocate for consuming raw food, including juices. Similarly, the good people at The Comfort Life Channel are also advocate of the anti-inflammatory benefits of raw juicing. And,...

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Good News! Juicing Reduces Allergies and Hay Fever

  As fall approaches, and before the first frost bites your nose, there's a 'secret season' coming before the first snow arrives.  Yes, the next season for many isn’t winter, but allergy season.  Whether it’s grass, hay, cottonwood, pine and other pollen, or...

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How To Increase Your Energy with Juicing

There are three ‘ingredients’ to using juices to power-up your energy! A good-night’s sleep; Nitrous Oxide; and ATP (“Adenosine triphosphate”). Let’s see how they work! … It All Begins With a Good Night’s Sleep! One thing that most people don’t associate with energy...

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Do Type II Diabetes and Juicing Mix?

Okay. Here’s the deal. When people talk about juicing and Type II Diabetes (T2D) the general common consensus is juice = bad because there’s too much sugar, and as anyone can tell you, free form sugars and T2D is never a good combo. But there’s more to the story: 1]...

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Warning: don’t juice these fruits and vegetables!

Warning: don’t juice these fruits and vegetables! Even with the abundant variety of fruits and vegetables that are always gung-ho, there are in fact a handful of fruits and vegetables that just shouldn't be juiced, and there are some which just don’t do well being...

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Carob versus Cacao and Chocolate

In addition to cacao, carob is another popular natural additive for juice, and especially teas or coffee. While looking into learning more about chocolate (link), you will undoubtedly somewhere along the way run into a discussion about carob and how it’s “healthier...

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A Brief History of Juicing

The history of juicing may take us back over 2000 years!  So, what's the controversy?  Well, there’s this little quote is being paraded around the internet (quoting verbatim): “Some of the first documented evidence of humans “juicing” for health benefits are from the...

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Let’s start a Juice Tribe and Be Fit Again!

Why am I a guy who is passionate about juicing?  Because in 2014 I began juicing myself back to health following years spent recoving from being hit by an SUV.  I believe juicing may have saved my life ... I'm certain it played a huge role in getting my life back...

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Juicing Limes Is Sublime: From Shorter Colds to Tasty Pies

Lime-juice, like lemon (link) and other citrus (link) is a wonderful addition to our daily routine. Popular in Latin American, Thai and Caribbean cuisines, this little round jewel is rich vitamin C and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, and...

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Cranberries: Juicing and Health Benefits

Let’s be honest: Do you ever think about cranberries outside of the week of Thanksgiving? Maybe you toss a few “craisins” in your salad when you’re feeling fancy.   Then again, if we talk about cranberry juice, ladies may think about this more often because...

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Tea versus Coffee . . . Put Down that Mug!

The most consumed beverage on the planet second to water is tea (then third is beer, if you’re wondering). As for Coffee, which was brought into the European scene by the Dutch shortly after the Battle of Vienna (where it played a prominent role), it’s dominant in the...

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Chocolate and Cacao – Which is Best For You?

In the early 2000s, cacao became ‘the rage’ of the raw food movement. Already, there was a mountain of evidence that it’s better for you than chocolate Cacao and Cocoa are Different So, let’s start with the basics.  Cacao is the juice (or dried powder form) of...

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Coffee: Your Friend or Foe?

There are a lot of new studies coming out about coffee (maybe you’ve noticed): its advantages, its health benefits, and its plethora of antioxidants. It has a romantic bevvy of devotees and just as many nay-sayers that avoid it for its acidity and effects on the...

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