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The Juicer’s Guide to Fighting Inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory)

The Juicer’s Guide to Fighting Inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory) Inflammation is the body’s response to illness.Said another way, what we feel as illness is -- more often than not -- inflammation. About InflammationWhen you get down to the core illnesses you discover...

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The Dangers of Processed Food

I think our great-grand parents would be horrified to see how we eat these days: on the run, out of boxes, and often all alone. Gone is the 4-Square meals for many, many Americans, and lets’ be honest, most of the food is brown. Unfortunately, it’s not just Grandma’s...

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A Brief History of Juicing

The history of juicing may take us back over 2000 years!  So, what's the controversy?  Well, there’s this little quote is being paraded around the internet (quoting verbatim): “Some of the first documented evidence of humans “juicing” for health benefits are from the...

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Let’s start a Juice Tribe and Be Fit Again!

Why am I a guy who is passionate about juicing?  Because in 2014 I began juicing myself back to health following years spent recoving from being hit by an SUV.  I believe juicing may have saved my life ... I'm certain it played a huge role in getting my life back...

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Bring on the Lemonade (or is it Lemon-Aid?)!

“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” –Alfred E. Newman There’s a powerful trend making its way into the morning routines of some of the most popular health-gurus. Maybe you’ve...

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Have A Fresh Squeezed Orange And Juice The Sun

In 2010, a book called Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice, showed up in stores (it's by Alissa Hamilton).  It exposed commercial orange juice practices, which included surprising processing methods -- including added flavor packs, and also enzyme...

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Grapefruit: the New Red Wine

Grapefruit Juice is the New Red WineRecently, grapefruit, by virtue of its rich flavonoids, is being viewed as the safe non-alcoholic alternative to red wine. That’s right! It has the cardiovascular benefits of red wine, without the risks and calories associated with...

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