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Month: March 2018

The Truth About Chemotherapy Recovery and Juicing

I count in the dozens friends who’ve ‘experienced’ cancer — and yes, some have died. This week’s blog article, on the ten-year anniversary of the passing of a dear friend from colon cancer, is dedicated to those of you who’ve had cancer, and the loved-ones who care for you through you Because of the seriousness of the topic, I must stress that I am not advocating juicing as a ‘cure’ to cancer (although as you will read there is evidence that it can, in conjunction with other good eating habits, reduce its rate of incidence). What I do believe...

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Amazing Wheatgrass: What Is It, and Why You’ll Love It!

What Is Wheatgrass? Juicing wheatgrass has been around for several decades. It’s often the introduction many have to juicing in general, perhaps perceived while eavesdropping on the customer ahead of them at their local Juice bar, and perhaps feeling a little adventurous. It’s been around a long time because of its incredible cleansing properties; it’s been shown in studies to be a supportive and positive complement to those suffering from cancer or the after effects of chemotherapy (link).  Its juice is so effective healer because it contains all the minerals known to be needed by man, and vitamins A,...

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Beyond Com-Pear

Why Every Pear is Beyond Compare  The humble, shapely, pear is a member of the rosaceae family (interestingly, just like roses as well as apples, and apricots (to name a few). When you look into the nutritional components of the pear, the thing that jumps out is its fiber profile. Did you know that you can get 22% of your daily fiber needs met by eating one?!  How crazy is that?!  Which explains why it’s beneficial to digestive health, as well as prebiotic functions. Otherwise, compared to other fruits, let’s face it: they don’t look terribly spectacular at first...

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Vitamin Pills Versus Vegetable and Fruit Juices

If you take one or vitamin pills almost every day, then this story’s for you! Have you ever noticed that there’s a “Vitamin Pill Aisle” at ever grocery store, pharmacy and even the giant wharehouse super-stores … what’s going on here?! Sure, your body needs vitamins and minerals — and a variety of them depending on your health, age, physical condition, diet, habits, and even the climate you live in.  And, you can tell by the financial numbers that ‘we’ know it — we’re gobbling them up to the tune of billions of dollars a year!  But, there’s more...

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Kale: Love It!

Kale.I bet you’ve heard about kale by now, and since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably even tried it in a juice or as a dried-chip. But in case you haven’t, allow me to put it this way: this is a “nutrition dream.”  If you’re into paleo, plant-based diets, or just want more green in your life, you’ll be excited about what Dr. Joel Fuhrman had to say about this cousin to the mustard green and cabbage: it outranks every other food on his aggregate nutrient density index (watercress and collards followed closely behing — but more on them...

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