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Month: May 2018

Have A Fresh Squeezed Orange And Juice The Sun

In 2010, a book called Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice, showed up in stores (it’s by Alissa Hamilton).  It exposed commercial orange juice practices, which included surprising processing methods — including added flavor packs, and also enzyme control.  Even today, few people seem to know about it. Later, in 2011, pop-science magazine Gizmodo began spreading the word:“Once the juice is squeezed and stored in gigantic vats, they start removing oxygen. Why? Because removing oxygen from the juice allows the liquid to keep for up to a year without spoiling. But! Removing that oxygen also removes the...

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Grapefruit: the New Red Wine

Grapefruit Juice is the New Red WineRecently, grapefruit, by virtue of its rich flavonoids, is being viewed as the safe non-alcoholic alternative to red wine. That’s right! It has the cardiovascular benefits of red wine, without the risks and calories associated with red wine!  Let’s find out why . . . A Brief HistoryThought to be a cross between a pomelo and an orange, the grapefruit found its way from Taiwan to Barbados in the 1600s, and then Florida about 100 years later. Today, Florida is the center for grapefruit cultivation competing along-side newcomers Israel, Brazil, and South Africa....

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The Juicer’s Guide to Fighting Inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory)

The Juicer’s Guide to Fighting Inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory) Inflammation is the body’s response to illness.Said another way, what we feel as illness is — more often than not — inflammation. About InflammationWhen you get down to the core illnesses you discover that they are different types of inflammatory conditions, which begin in a localized organ or system and then spread to influence and disrupt others. From arthritis to the common cold to a strained Y-ligament, inflammation is the constant between almost all states of illness. Studies suggest that “chronic inflammation could have serious role in wide variety of age-related diseases...

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The Dangers of Processed Food

I think our great-grand parents would be horrified to see how we eat these days: on the run, out of boxes, and often all alone. Gone is the 4-Square meals for many, many Americans, and lets’ be honest, most of the food is brown. Unfortunately, it’s not just Grandma’s best recipes we’re doing injustice to by eating more take-out, our processed food diets are literally killing us the slow hard way. It’s seriously affecting out kids, our development, our guts, and how we age. The truth is, we no longer have a connection to where our food comes from...

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