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Month: June 2018

Happiness is a Cold Watermelon – 3 Reasons Why

On a hot afternoon in the dog days of summer, is there really anything better than cracking a knife through one of these ruby-red fleshed lovelies? I mean, c’mon! Look how beautiful the watermelon is! Watermelons are more than 92% water per 100g and only 6% sugar. In fact, this is verified according to the glycemic index, where white sugar sets the highest bar at 100, while watermelon teeters the scale at a lowly 5.  What’s more is that this melon has many powerful micronutrients that provide some super benefits.  Here are just three . . . . It’s...

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Bring on the Lemonade (or is it Lemon-Aid?)!

“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” –Alfred E. Newman There’s a powerful trend making its way into the morning routines of some of the most popular health-gurus. Maybe you’ve heard about it: drinking Lemon-water or lemonade first thing in the morning.  I’ve been doing this daily for over three years, and believe it’s one reason I’ve lost weight without the gout-attacks that used to plague me during weight loss. Drinking lemonade is a famous home remedy and common recommendation for giving a cleansing push...

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