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Month: July 2018

Praise for Papaya Juice!

Maybe you may remember the first time your mom sliced open a papaya when you were a kid? Probably the first thing you noticed was its deep coral color. The second was likely its unique aroma. Unfortunately, in the USA, a first experience with papaya is often with an overripe fruit, and so the odor can be overbearing. But a perfectly ripened papaya, on the other hand, smells and tastes like a dream! The mild, sweet and floral flavors are unique, and so the papaya remains one of the most beloved and ubiquitous fruits across the world’s tropics! The...

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Going Coconuts for Coconut Water

3 Reasons Why Going Coconuts for Coconut Water Can Help You: Whole Body Rejuvenation In Ayurvedic medicine, young coconuts are treasured. These tender coconuts (called ‘baal’) are at a young stage where the husk is 90-95% water. This form of coconut water is the most healing, and is considered excellent for cooling down a person’s core-temperature. In addition to calming the symptoms of overheating, Baal water has been documented to remove inflammation. It also unclogs many body ‘channels’ (also called srotas) — such as saliva ducts. It repairs the gastrointestinal tract, and it is said to remove toxins. And,...

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Juicing for More, Fuller Hair, Stronger Nails, and Better Skin

You may have noticed that for most people, their skin, nails and hair reflect their general inner-health status and aging. In fact, one government report found that for centuries scientists and physicians linked appearance to internal health! This report goes on to say that “[Natural vitamins and enzymes] possess potent anti-oxidant properties and have been widely used in the skin care industry . . . to prolong youthful skin appearance.” By the way, this is a fascinating report and actually links nutrition to good skin, hair and nail health — after you finish reading this blog, go read it!...

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Is a Juice Detox Safe?

juice diet, juice cleanse, juice fast and juice detoxification But, first, what the heck is a juice detox? Today we’re going to first define the terms that confuse new juicers the most: What is a Juice Cleanse? What is a Juice Detox? What is a Juice Fast? What is a Juice Feast? What is a Juice-Based Diet? Then we’re going to learn about one of the most influential ‘juice gurus’ around today. First, a WARNING: no Juicing Program will work with pasteurized (‘dead’) juice. Why? It’s because the high-heat of pasteurization destroys fragile protein structures, to receive the nutritional...

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Sooth a Sunburn and Your Digestion — You Had Me at Aloe Vera Juice

One of the coolest things about reading research on juicing is ‘re-discovering’ ancient remedies like aloe vera juice.  The aloe plant has a rich history as a remedy used for thousands of years in traditional cultures. More recently, many moms (including my own) have grown aloe plants because aloe sooths burns including sunburns.  But, what most moms don’t know is that aloe has other medicinal benefits which were commonly known to the the Southwest United States’s native populations.  These cultures used (and still use) aloe vera juice as a digestive remedy.  Today, the internet is peppered with articles about ‘leaky gut’...

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