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Month: August 2018

Say It Ain’t Cilantro

Now, I understand that there’s a certain percentage of dear readers who will never touch these greens no matter what I say, or how good Cilantro is for you, and that’s because there’s a small collection of people carry a DNA variant that causes the sense of smell (olfactory receptor genes) to associate the flavor of cilantro with the smell and taste of soap! Obviously, cilantro has no relationship with soap … but, cilantro does it’s own scrubbing of body toxins! It turns out that cilantro is very important, especially in light of today’s bio-environmental toxic loads. And it...

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Chard as Nails — Why Today Popeye Would Prefer Swiss Chard

Chard as Nails … Why Today Popeye Would Prefer Swiss Chard When I think about chard, I think of eating green leafy veggies … like spinach. Once upon a time, everyone knew about spinach because of Popeye (quite the add campaign, eh!?); but cans of leafy greens? Blech! Today just about everyone knows spinach is good for you even if Popeye hasn’t been seen on TV in over 30 year! Unfortunately, its healthier cousin, chard, lacked the ‘powerful’ cartoon promotions. Maybe this will change soon, though, because chard is so healthy, it is even taken into space. Heck, kale...

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Look! Your Eyes Crave Juice Too!

If you can read this without glasses, thank a juice! Here’s the thing about our eyes. Eyes need very specific things to function properly. And what they need most is a healthy body that is replete with Vitamins A, B and E. Without these in proper cooperation within our systems, eyes degenerate. Most people are (very!) deficient in vitamin A. Are you? Here’s out to tell: If your eyes are sensitive to light – especially if you’re wearing sunglasses, then it is likely that you are vitamin A deficient. Or, if you’re “night blind” this is even more true....

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Nothing This Delicious Should Be Called a Soursop

Did you know that very few evergreen plants produce fruits?  Think about it — it’s true!  Well, one of the tastiest fruits of all grows from an evergreen in the tropics, and its fruit is called a soursop (latin: muricata), or, depending on where you’re seeing it, it could also be called a custard apple, graviola or guanabana.  Yes, the producers/importers should change its name. Speaking of it being an evergreen, doesn’t it kind of look like an overgrown-puffed version of what would happen if a pinecone and an avocado had a baby?  If you’ve never had one it, soursop tastes like a candy pineapple-strawberry...

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