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Month: September 2018

The Purifying Power of Parsley

Parsley. Let’s be honest. Do you even think about this herb aside from recognizing it as a garnish on your plates when you dine out? Exactly! And yet it’s one of the most popular herbs in the world, used throughout the Mediterranean, Levant and Middle East. In Greek, parsley means: “rock celery” and they are in fact relatives. But hang on! Parsley energizes, cleanses and refreshes the body! Not only is it an excellent source of vitamin, K, C, A, and folate, it’s filled with volatile oils like myristicin, which is also high in anise, nutmeg and dill. It’s...

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Good News! Juicing Reduces Allergies and Hay Fever

  As fall approaches, and before the first frost bites your nose, there’s a ‘secret season’ coming before the first snow arrives.  Yes, the next season for many isn’t winter, but allergy season.  Whether it’s grass, hay, cottonwood, pine and other pollen, or ragweed and dust, millions of folks dread the day the clouds erupt. Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever Is No Treat.   Whether it gets your eyes, or throat or lungs, or nose, the allergic reactions endured caused by histamines (the body’s immunity response to allergens) is like suffering the longest cold ever. And I say like because...

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How To Increase Your Energy with Juicing

There are three ‘ingredients’ to using juices to power-up your energy! A good-night’s sleep; Nitrous Oxide; and ATP (“Adenosine triphosphate”). Let’s see how they work! … It All Begins With a Good Night’s Sleep! One thing that most people don’t associate with energy is good sleep, and I’m not just talking about the fact that you need to get good sleep to feel energized in the morning — did you know that you actually need good ENERGY to sleep well?  When we’re pushing too hard, feeling frazzled, running the kids around, trying to keep all our ducks in a...

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Do Type II Diabetes and Juicing Mix?

Okay. Here’s the deal. When people talk about juicing and Type II Diabetes (T2D) the general common consensus is juice = bad because there’s too much sugar, and as anyone can tell you, free form sugars and T2D is never a good combo. But there’s more to the story: 1] not all juice is created equal, 2] methodology is important and 3] gut-health/gut-microbiome (if you’re new, don’t worry — I just learned what this is about a year ago) is the beginning and the end of nutrient absorption, and thus, your health. And, it just so happens, juicing the...

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