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The Deadly Dangers of Processed Sugar

How did I lose 40 pounds? It started with cutting sugar out of my diet, and watching not my carbs, but rather keeping my intake of added (a/k/a “processed”) sugar to under 20 grams/day (now it’s under 10 grams/day). I am not the least bit shocked that we’ve all become...

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Anti-Aging In Action: How Juicing Makes You Younger

One of the strangest things about modern culture’s obsession with anti-aging is that it perpetuates the idea that beauty (or health) is only skin deep. Do you doubt me? Simply consider the dollars spent on aging technologies like Botox, plastic surgery, spray-tans,...

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How Juicing Fights Inflammation At Its Source

The verdict is in: juicing fights inflammation at its source! So, you’ve been reading BeFitAgain and you’ve gotten the hint that juices have a profound healing effect in the body. But why is this so? One major factor is that juicing fights inflammation. Fundamentally,...

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Why You Need a Juice Plan

Here you begin. Starting any new health adventure can feel a bit like almost being struck by lightning: either it’s super inspirational and freedom forming or it’s immobilizing. No worries, I got your back. It’s not surprising you’re here, either. After all, the path...

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Warning: don’t juice these fruits and vegetables!

Warning: don’t juice these fruits and vegetables! Even with the abundant variety of fruits and vegetables that are always gung-ho, there are in fact a handful of fruits and vegetables that just shouldn't be juiced, and there are some which just don’t do well being...

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Carob versus Cacao and Chocolate

In addition to cacao, carob is another popular natural additive for juice, and especially teas or coffee. While looking into learning more about chocolate (link), you will undoubtedly somewhere along the way run into a discussion about carob and how it’s “healthier...

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A Brief History of Juicing

Yes! I want to  Be Fit Again! The history of juicing may take us back over 2000 years!  So, what's the controversy?  Well, there’s this little quote is being paraded around the internet (quoting verbatim): “Some of the first documented evidence of humans “juicing” for...

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Juicing Limes Is Sublime: From Shorter Colds to Tasty Pies

Lime-juice, like lemon (link) and other citrus (link) is a wonderful addition to our daily routine. Popular in Latin American, Thai and Caribbean cuisines, this little round jewel is rich vitamin C and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, and...

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Cranberries: Juicing and Health Benefits

Let’s be honest: Do you ever think about cranberries outside of the week of Thanksgiving? Maybe you toss a few “craisins” in your salad when you’re feeling fancy.   Then again, if we talk about cranberry juice, ladies may think about this more often because...

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Chocolate and Cacao – Which is Best For You?

In the early 2000s, cacao became ‘the rage’ of the raw food movement. Already, there was a mountain of evidence that it’s better for you than chocolate Cacao and Cocoa are Different So, let’s start with the basics.  Cacao is the juice (or dried powder form) of...

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Coffee: Your Friend or Foe?

There are a lot of new studies coming out about coffee (maybe you’ve noticed): its advantages, its health benefits, and its plethora of antioxidants. It has a romantic bevvy of devotees and just as many nay-sayers that avoid it for its acidity and effects on the...

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