One year.  It sure goes by in a hurry!

 From the start this these posts and articles have been about achieving optimal health by juicing fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. And, for you (and me) that means understanding what’s going in your body, and how it impacts your health. 

More to the point: it’s your front-row seat to an exploration of heath and nutrition. And, oh, who could imagine where the journey would lead?

  • wonderful claims backed by science
  • but endless speculation
  • and claims, claims and more claims . . . including crazy, unbelievable claims (which I did not publish)

More than anything else, I realized that credible, science-based information about the health benefits of juicing is poorly organized, and many claims are based on a misunderstanding of study reports (or worse yet, based on puffed-up headlines in magazines that were clearly written by editors who didn’t even read the articles).

At this point last year, I’d juiced twice a day for nearly three years

So, loaded with passion, I figured I knew enough about the nutritional benefits of each commonly juiced fruit or vegetable to write a weekly article that you’d find helpful. Heck — that’s why invested in a juice bar!

But, while these articles helped to gather and filter information, it’s clear that to create an excellent information your input is needed. 

YOU should challenge any claims you find skeptical.  YOU should link to better sources of information — or especially sources that expand what is covered in the article.  

 “As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another” and together we can cut through the misleading claims and ambiguous studies to create a resource – the go-to resource – for anyone who wants to improve their life in what I believe more than ever is the safest, most powerful way possible. 

So, what’s on tap for 2019, and how can YOU help?

First, you’ll notice that each blog will begin listing claims for juice ingredients that look to be unsubstantiated with science.  If you have a resource for that claim — please comment with a link!

 Second, visuals. Topics will begin to be organized around health benefits.  Soon, you’ll see icons that will quickly direct you to the articles that are about the benefit or topic you’re seeking.  Additionally, infographics about each topic are being created for you to download (or receive via email).  You’ll really like these, and may even want to create a juicing notebook!

Third, beginners rejoice!  You’ll see articles about basic juicing techniques, and more specifics about what to press-juice versus centrifugal juice versus blend.

Fourth, you’ll see articles about herbs (yes, herbs!).  Why herbs?  In my studies about juicing articles about beneficial herbs just kept popping up!  The more you’ll look at this topic, the deeper you’ll find that the rabbit-hole gets, and the more it also calls out for organization and clarity. So, here it begins.


Fifth, new veggies and fruits will be explored and researched. 

So, that’s what you’ll see new in 2019.  Oh, and you’ll learn when new articles are published via email so that you’ll not miss a beat!

 To your best, Steve