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Vitamin Pills Versus Vegetable and Fruit Juices

If you take one or vitamin pills almost every day, then this story's for you!Have you ever noticed that there's a "Vitamin Pill Aisle" at ever grocery store, pharmacy and even the giant wharehouse super-stores ... what's going on here?!Sure, your body needs vitamins...

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The Apple of My Eye

BETTER THAN THAT, YOU’RE THE APPLE JUICE OF MY EYEDid you know? …The original birthplace of the tiny, wild apple was in the mountains of Kazakhstan many years ago (shout out to Borat!).…The apple has been part of the human diet for tens of thousands of years.…...

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The Purifying Power of Parsley

Parsely, More Than An Herb!Parsley. Do you even think about this herb (aside from when you see it used as a garnish when you dine out)? Exactly!Heck, up to five years ago I didn’t even think it was edible. And yet it’s one of the most popular herbs in the world and...

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Praise for Papaya Juice!

MAYBE YOU MAY REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME YOUR MOM SLICED OPEN A PAPAYA WHEN YOU WERE A KID?   Probably the first thing you noticed was its deep coral color. The second was likely its unique aroma. Unfortunately, in the USA, a first experience with papaya is often...

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Have A Fresh Squeezed Orange And Juice The Sun

Maintain Healthy, Youthful-looking SkinWith Orange JuiceIn 2010, a book called Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice, showed up in stores (it's by Alissa Hamilton).  It exposed commercial orange juice practices, which included surprising processing methods...

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Clarifying Cat’s Claw

Cat's Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)Whenever we come upon a plant showing a successful traditional history, it’s often frustrating to hear “where’s the science?” Of course, proof of method is important. However, finding a way to verify benefits when there have been very few...

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Don’t Chastise the Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree A Wonderful Ancient PlantVitex, or its more popular name, Chaste Tree or chaste berry, is a wonderful ancient plant ally for the female body, especially regarding reproductive balance, hormonal, and gynecologic conditions – and primarily for those in their...

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Everybody’s Pal, Echinacea

Most people in the country have at least heard of EchinaceaIf for no other reason than a well-meaning relative or colleague talked up its good graces during cold and flu season. It’s native to the North American prairies and was used for hundreds of years by Plains...

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Masterful Milk Thistle

We’re going to do something a little different today by focusing on one herb, and one benefit: the masterful Milk Thistle, and how Glutathione helps your liver.For decades now, we’ve been flooded with detox secrets and their benefits. In large part, the juicing world...

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The Brilliance of Bacopa

In the age of “smart” – smart phones, smart inboxes, smart folders, smart cars, and smart drugs, it’s a relief when we can look into the ancestral pharmacopeia of Ayurvedic wisdom to find something like Bacopa monnieri also known as brahmi (but not the same as Gota...

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