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The Deadly Dangers of Processed Sugar

How did I lose 40 pounds? It started with cutting sugar out of my diet, and watching not my carbs, but rather keeping my intake of added (a/k/a “processed”) sugar to under 20 grams/day (now it’s under 10 grams/day).I am not the least bit shocked that we’ve all become...

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5 Best Juices for Better Hair, Skin and Nails

Juicing to prolong youthful appearanceYou may have noticed that for most people, their skin, nails and hair reflect their general inner-health status and aging. In fact, one government report found that for centuries scientists and physicians linked appearance to...

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Get with the Beet!

Remember when your mom or dad made you eat this .... thing .... this ... this, purple vegetable called a beet?!Maybe you avoided it as a kid, but as we mature our bodies and taste buds begin craving new flavors, and the flavor of a beet soon becomes surprisingly sweet...

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Nothing This Delicious Should Be Called a Soursop

Did you know that very few evergreen plants produce fruits? Think about it -- it's true!  Well, one of the tastiest fruits of all grows from an evergreen in the tropics, and its fruit is called a soursop (latin: muricata), or, depending on where you're seeing it, it...

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Going Coconuts for Coconut Water

3 Reasons Why Going Coconuts for Coconut Water Can Help You Hop aboard our mighty little sailing craft today and join us for a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour…er, rather, a three-point tour of an incredibly satisfying source of hydration. Yep, I’m talking coconut...

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Happiness is a Cold Watermelon – 3 Reasons Why

SWEET AND REFRESHING LOW CALORIE WATERMELONOn a hot afternoon in the dog days of summer, is there really anything better than cracking a knife through one of these ruby-red fleshed lovelies? I mean, c’mon! Look how beautiful the watermelon is!Watermelons are more than...

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Clarifying Cat’s Claw

Cat's Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)Whenever we come upon a plant showing a successful traditional history, it’s often frustrating to hear “where’s the science?” Of course, proof of method is important. However, finding a way to verify benefits when there have been very few...

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Don’t Chastise the Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree A Wonderful Ancient PlantVitex, or its more popular name, Chaste Tree or chaste berry, is a wonderful ancient plant ally for the female body, especially regarding reproductive balance, hormonal, and gynecologic conditions – and primarily for those in their...

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Everybody’s Pal, Echinacea

Most people in the country have at least heard of EchinaceaIf for no other reason than a well-meaning relative or colleague talked up its good graces during cold and flu season. It’s native to the North American prairies and was used for hundreds of years by Plains...

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Masterful Milk Thistle

We’re going to do something a little different today by focusing on one herb, and one benefit: the masterful Milk Thistle, and how Glutathione helps your liver.For decades now, we’ve been flooded with detox secrets and their benefits. In large part, the juicing world...

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The Brilliance of Bacopa

In the age of “smart” – smart phones, smart inboxes, smart folders, smart cars, and smart drugs, it’s a relief when we can look into the ancestral pharmacopeia of Ayurvedic wisdom to find something like Bacopa monnieri also known as brahmi (but not the same as Gota...

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