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Have A Fresh Squeezed Orange And Juice The Sun

Maintain Healthy, Youthful-looking SkinWith Orange JuiceIn 2010, a book called Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice, showed up in stores (it's by Alissa Hamilton).  It exposed commercial orange juice practices, which included surprising processing methods...

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Is Grapefruit the New Red Wine?

Grapefruit Juice is the New Red WineRecently, grapefruit, by virtue of its rich flavonoids, is being viewed as the safe, non-alcoholic alternative to red wine. That’s right! It has the cardiovascular benefits of red wine without the risks and calories associated with...

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Be Berry, Berry Fit Again!

Berries just make your whole body happy!  They bring a bright, colorful burst to a morning plate, afternoon bowl (with a little cinnamon), or healthy dinner dessert.But, as if that isn’t enough all by itself, berries have so much more going on …They just happen to be...

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Beyond Com-Pear

Why Every Pear is Beyond Compare The humble, shapely pear is a member of the rosaceae family (just like roses, apples, and apricots, to name a few).When you consider the nutritional components of the pear, its fiber profile is hard to miss. For example, did you know...

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Tulsi: The Incomparable

Tulsi looks pretty good for her age, doesn’t she? Delicate, and unassuming, yet she’s been around for over 3000 years and is still proving her wonders. She’s even mentioned in the collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns called the Rig Veda from around 1500 BC. Also known...

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Lift me Up, Licorice Root

Licorice Root : Restoring BalanceThere are two types of associations with licorice in the states: one is to those candy-red twists you ate in movie theaters, or from plastic tubs in long vines; the other is to those squat “panda-endorsed-all-natural” licorice. Most...

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Gracious, Gota Kola

Ayurveda, The Ancient Indian MedicineIf you were to begin even a cursory exploration into the ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda, one of the first things you will learn (and way before Hippocrates had any say in the matter) is how all disease begins in the gut....

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