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The Deadly Dangers of Processed Sugar

How did I lose 40 pounds? It started with cutting sugar out of my diet, and watching not my carbs, but rather keeping my intake of added (a/k/a “processed”) sugar to under 20 grams/day (now it’s under 10 grams/day).I am not the least bit shocked that we’ve all become...

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Kale: Love It!

Kale. By now you’ve heard about kale, and since you’re reading this article you’ve probably even tried it in a juice or as a dried chip. But in case you haven’t, allow me to put it this way: this is a “nutritionists’ dream.”  If you’re into paleo, plant-based diets or...

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Nothing This Delicious Should Be Called a Soursop

Did you know that very few evergreen plants produce fruits? Think about it -- it's true!  Well, one of the tastiest fruits of all grows from an evergreen in the tropics, and its fruit is called a soursop (latin: muricata), or, depending on where you're seeing it, it...

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Going Coconuts for Coconut Water

3 Reasons Why Going Coconuts for Coconut Water Can Help You Hop aboard our mighty little sailing craft today and join us for a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour…er, rather, a three-point tour of an incredibly satisfying source of hydration. Yep, I’m talking coconut...

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The Cucumber Cool-Off

Cucumbers are a staple of the juicing world, just like celery.  Each cucumber is full of juice just waiting to be released from their squishy fibers and refresh you! They are wonderfully cooling, soothing, refreshing and delicious. CUCUMBERS ARE RICH IN SKIN- AND...

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Tulsi: The Incomparable

Tulsi looks pretty good for her age, doesn’t she? Delicate, and unassuming, yet she’s been around for over 3000 years and is still proving her wonders. She’s even mentioned in the collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns called the Rig Veda from around 1500 BC. Also known...

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Lift me Up, Licorice Root

Licorice Root : Restoring BalanceThere are two types of associations with licorice in the states: one is to those candy-red twists you ate in movie theaters, or from plastic tubs in long vines; the other is to those squat “panda-endorsed-all-natural” licorice. Most...

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Gracious, Gota Kola

Ayurveda, The Ancient Indian MedicineIf you were to begin even a cursory exploration into the ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda, one of the first things you will learn (and way before Hippocrates had any say in the matter) is how all disease begins in the gut....

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