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Kale: Love It!

Kale. By now you’ve heard about kale, and since you’re reading this article you’ve probably even tried it in a juice or as a dried chip. But in case you haven’t, allow me to put it this way: this is a “nutritionists’ dream.”  If you’re into paleo, plant-based diets or...

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The Cucumber Cool-Off

Cucumbers are a staple of the juicing world, just like celery.  Each cucumber is full of juice just waiting to be released from their squishy fibers and refresh you! They are wonderfully cooling, soothing, refreshing and delicious. CUCUMBERS ARE RICH IN SKIN- AND...

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Why Ginger’s So Crazy-Good!

To “ginger up” means to get enthused about something, and we have plenty to be excited about when it comes to what fresh ginger can do for our health.From ancient Indian medical wisdom in the treatises of Ayurveda, Samhitas reverently refer to ginger as “the universal...

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Celery Juice: Is it Really The Cup of Life?

Even if you’ve never heard of Cool and The Gang’s 1982 top hit of the year, Celebrate, you should always remember the awesome health benefits of celery!Most of us are probably familiar with celery as a staple of boring diet food.  You know – all those movies with the...

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Get with the Beet!

Remember when your mom or dad made you eat this .... thing .... this ... this, purple vegetable called a beet?!Maybe you avoided it as a kid, but as we mature our bodies and taste buds begin craving new flavors, and the flavor of a beet soon becomes surprisingly sweet...

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