The Juice Plan

Here you begin. Starting any new health adventure can feel a bit like almost being struck by lightning: either it’s super inspirational and freedom forming or it’s immobilizing. No worries, I got your back.

It’s not surprising you’re here, either. After all, the path your nutrition has taken to this point in your life is almost certainly one that’s either “FDA Approved” (as in that poisonous, bloated simple-carbohydrate food pyramid), or one that sold to you repeatedly as having nutritious ingredients (pizza), luxurious (milk chocolate), weight-loss food (800-calorie sub sandwiches), healthy (practically vitamin-free protein bars), or even sexy (beer, anyone?).

It’s a wonder we’re not all comatose — especially considering that here in America some eat less than a SINGLE serving of fruits or veggies everyday!

Here’s the good news

No matter what is happening in your life, there’s a way to support your health through juicing.

Throughout the last two decades, juicing has transitioned from the old breakfast standards of orange, grape or apple juice to complex juice blends chosen for their great taste and health benefits. Today, you’re here because you already know (or suspect) that juiced combos of fruits and vegetables nourish, refresh and detox the body, leading to lower blood pressures and healthy heart, better vision, increased energy, weight loss, healthier skin and hair, and the prevention of ailments from colds and flu to cancer and diabetes.

Just wow!

More and more, we are seeking ways to create access to a richer array of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll (link to spirulina) by tapping to the vitamins nature provides us. And, juicing is the perfect way to do it.

Let the nourishments in

Juicing is a powerful contrast to the “vitamin pill” culture, or even the “healthy” supplement culture because your body will actually absorb much more nutrients because they are natural nutrients accompanied by enzymes and cofactors that unlock your cells to let the nourishments in.

But when you’re starting out, it’s difficult to know just how to begin, and what/how much to drink. That’s why I’m here to help.

First, Do No Harm
The first rule of medical doctors (“do no harm”) is just plain good advice — especially when you’re “letting food be your medicine” (Hippocrates of Athens*). So, I suggest you begin with a food sensitivity test, such as one by Everlywell. It’s the one I use, and when I took it I was surprised by what I’m sensitive to (such as yeast) as well as what I’m not (I can eat Almonds and soy, even though I thought for years I was allergic to both; now, I enjoy them both). When you eliminate foods that are causing your inflammation, you are a long way to achieving better health from the start!

Second, You Need A Juice Plan!
To get the most benefit out of juicing, especially if you’ve been fighting a chronic illness, you’ve got to begin by being consistent with juicing so you’ll feel powerful changes occurring. I’ll cover more about specific plans in a moment . . .

How Often Should You Juice?
My suggestion is to drink 8 ounces of fresh pressed or bar-made juice at least twice daily. That’s not twice every day or two, and it’s not once four days a week and twice three days a week. It’s twice. Daily. In fact, going from one juice a day to two is when my noticeable results started.

What Juices Should You Start With?
You can start with simple, low-sensitivity juice ingredients such as carrots, apples, celery, cucumber and kale. Unless you’re sure you don’t have an allergy, save the herbs and beets and exotics until your sensitivity-test results come in.

This is not just the nutritious choice, it is also habit-forming. And, the benefits you will see in how you look and feel over the next six to twelve weeks will motivate you to keep you going — your friends, family, and hairdresser/barber will be just the first few to notice!

Specific Juicing Plans
Juicing plans guide you through both maintenance/support plans and cleansing plans (3, 5,7 or 30 or more days long). Many plans are specifically targeted to provide the nutritional support you want. And by delivering results, the plans will encourage your consistency and deliver healing.

In addition to a juice plan, consulting with a juice coach can help you match the right juices to meet your health goals.

Juice coaches can take a plan one-step further by taking into account your nutritional needs in light of your age, geography, and short-term health goals. When you have one of these ‘designer juice plans’ you’ve got a game-changer!

Which Juice Plan is Right for You?

I’m glad you asked. That’s why we’re offering for the first time this QUIZ, to help guide you to the right plan.

Of course, any food or exercise plan should be undertaken only after and with the consultation of your doctor, who’ll know how to monitor your progress and bring any concerns to your attention.

And, if you have questions about juice plans, including having your own custom designer juice plan created, be sure to contact your local Juice Shack or another juice bar near you!

*to be clear, I would never advocate food being literally your medicine — especially that prescribed by your doctor.